Case Studies

DC Power Co is a Melbourne-based start-up whose mission is to help people move to renewable energy in their home.


National media exposure through exclusive TV news and print/online media.

•  C-Suite media training,

•  Key Messaging,

•  PR Communications and,

•  Media launch strategy.

Launched the world’s largest crowdfunding campaign for an electricity retailer.

DC Power Co delivered the world’s largest equity crowdsourced campaign in the world – three times larger than any previous campaign. And it was to launch a power company at a time when the people of this country have no trust in that industry. Our success was due to an extraordinary communications team and plan. Central to this success was Lahra and her team. Her industry knowledge and connections, strategic vision and practical ability to deliver was a huge part of our success. It is easy to commend Lahra and the team; they are outstanding.

Nic Frances Gilley, Chief Executive