Narrative is an independently owned boutique Australian communications business.

Our team is made up of experienced practitioners with backgrounds in journalism and consulting.
We’ve worked with some of Australia’s biggest and most iconic brands and we’ve worked with start-ups.
We’re part of Assembled Group – the most dynamic group of marketing companies in the country.


Lahra Carey GAICD

Lahra is an entrepreneur and an experienced communications strategist, advising and executing campaigns for some of Australia’s best-known brands. Her experience straddles both the B2B and B2C landscapes.

With a background in journalism, Lahra has a deep understanding of the changing media landscape and uses this experience and knowledge to leverage thought leadership positioning on behalf of her clients.

She is a crisis management expert, developing Crisis Control – a digital platform that allows organisations to seamlessly manage the whole communications process in real-time during a crisis.

Lahra is also a Principal and co-founder of NewsFlash Media Training which develops and delivers purpose-built media and presentation training programs for senior executives and other key staff.

Lahra is an experienced non-executive director and Australian Institute of Company Directors program graduate.



Steve Carey

Steve is a former journalist, foreign correspondent, Supervising Producer of Today Tonight and Director of News for 7 Melbourne – a position he held for a decade.

He’s driven ratings success and won every award for journalism in a career spanning more than 35 years.

Now he’s using those skills as a media trainer, PR strategist and commentator. Steve is regularly seen and heard on ABC Breakfast TV and ABC radio.

He maintains a network of high-level media contacts and has a wealth of experience assisting companies and individuals navigate a crisis.

Steve is also a Principal and co-founder of NewsFlash Media Training which helps senior executives and other key staff understand the media then how to engage confidently with journalists.



Vee Shah Narrative Comms


Vee Shah

Vee is a skilled Public Relations professional who has gained expertise in the fast-paced field of PR and crisis management.

Holding a Master’s degree from Deakin University, specialising in public relations and a Bachelor’s degree in management studies, Vee brings a unique blend of education and management experience to her role.

With three years under her belt as a Senior Public Relations Executive, she has become an expert in the field, working with top brands across diverse industries.

Her keen sense of creativity and knack for anticipating clients’ needs has earned her a reputation as a master storyteller and a trusted advisor. Her passion for influencer marketing has allowed her to develop a deep understanding of building meaningful relationships between brands and their audiences.

With Vee on board, clients can rest assured that their PR and marketing efforts will be in safe hands, even in the face of unexpected challenges.



Nielyn Jumao-As Profile image


Nielyn Jumao-As

Nielyn is both a creative and strategic thinker, who understands both the value of a brand’s story and the importance of audience engagement.

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Communication from RMIT, Nielyn excelled in her studies specialising in public relations and popular culture studies. 

She also gained interdisciplinary skills across a range of media and communications industries including advertising, media production and design, and digital communication.

Nielyn is well-versed and highly adaptable to the changing media landscape. She is continuing to improve her skills as she gains more experience in the industry.